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Why to use the services of our law firm?

We provide legal services in a way that saves you money and, most importantly, time. Therefore, it is no problem for us to adapt to you, your schedule and needs. Words such as discretion, expertise and professionalism are not just empty terms for us, but the standard within which we operate. You can be provided with basic legal services by any attorney; however, Purkyt & Co. offers the top and comprehensive legal service of an established law firm.

Civil law

Restitution law

Real estate, investment and development projects

Commercial and corporate law


Criminal law

Trust funds

Restructuring and insolvency

Labour law

Automotive industry

GDPR - general data protection regulation

Intellectual property law and IT

The law firm Purkyt & Co. would like to inform its clients that, in connection with the amendment to Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on Consumer Protection, as amended, the Czech Bar Association is, based on an authorisation by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the authority for out-of-court dispute resolution between attorneys and consumers under contracts for the provision of legal services. For the purposes of out-of-court dispute resolution, the Rules of Procedure for Lawyers´ Conciliation shall apply mutatis mutandis (Resolution of the Board of the Czech Bar Association No. 2/1998 of the Official Journal, regulating conciliation proceedings, as amended). The Conciliation Committee of the Czech Bar Association is hereby entrusted with the out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes. Administrative support for this new agenda will be provided by the Bar’s Control Department. The website of this authorized entity is www.cak.cz.


As a rule, we begin by concluding agreements on the provision of legal services with our clients. Depending on the agreement and according to the exact requirements of the client, it is possible to choose between the following methods of determining the fee for the services provided by our law firm: hourly rate, fixed rate, flat rate, success fee.

It is also possible to agree on a combination of more than one of the above-mentioned methods of fee determination.

Fee according to the Lawyer's Tariff

If the amount of the fee for legal services is not agreed upon between the client and the law firm, Regulation of the Ministry of Justice No. 177/1996 Coll., on fees and remuneration of lawyers for the provision of legal services (the Lawyer´s Tariff), as amended, which regulates the so-called non-contractual fee, is used to determine the fee.

Purkyt & Co., as the controller of the personal data provided by the client on the basis of the contract for the provision of legal services, undertakes to process such personal data in accordance with legal regulations, in particular Act No. 85/1996 Coll., on the Legal Profession, as amended, and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC.


We have an extensive experience in providing legal services in the field of civil law, including litigation before the courts.

Clients seek our help in connection with the following cases, among others:

  • real estate transfers of all types, including representation before Cadastral Offices,
  • relations arising from and related to development plans and programmes, including relations connected with their implementation, such as transfers of new residential units into the ownership of their users,
  • contractual relations arising from and related to the lease and sublease of real estate,  
  • contractual relations connected with the exchange of real estate (in particular land),
  • contractual relations arising from and related to the activities of real estate agencies,
  • securing obligations (e.g. through lien and surety, contractual establishment of easements and their registration into the Cadastre of Real Estate),
  • relations arising from the Land Act, restitution claims and relations connected with expropriation proceedings,
  • preparation of all types and kinds of contracts regulated by the Civil Code,
  • damages and the restitution for unjust enrichment, and property law relations of all kinds.


Our law firm is the leader in restitution law and the most sought-after law firm in this field. JUDr. Martin Purkyt is a leading Czech specialist in the field of restitution compensation under the Land Act No. 229/1991 Coll., as amended, and related regulations.

In his more than 15 years of practice, JUDr. Martin Purkyt has provided legal services and helped settle restitution claims for hundreds of beneficiaries whose claims have not been properly valued and fulfilled by the state for a long time.

JUDr. Martin Purkyt has also achieved a number of groundbreaking decisions and jurisprudential changes in the case-law of the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic in the area of providing restitution compensation in favour of the beneficiaries. Among other things, a case he represented was already the subject of a decision of the Grand Panel of the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic in 2009, and the conclusion of the judgement issued in the case has not yet been revoked and its conclusions are therefore still fully applicable in the defence of beneficiaries against the arbitrariness of the state.

It cannot be overlooked that JUDr. Martin Purkyt represented a group of senators in proceedings before the Constitutional Court on the motion to repeal certain provisions of Act No. 185/2016 Coll., of 24 May 2016, amending Act No. 503/2012 Coll., on the State Land Office and on amending certain related acts, as amended, and other related acts (the so-called motion to repeal the second restitution dot). This motion was successful and the provisions in question were repealed, as the Constitutional Court confirmed in its decision No. ÚS 35/17 of June 2018, that the beneficiaries would retain the right to seek settlement of their long-standing unsatisfied claims in the form of transfer of replacement land, as the legislator had envisaged when adopting the restitution legislation.

JUDr. Martin Purkyt does not only deal with restitution issues in the context of representing beneficiaries in court proceedings or in out-of-court negotiations with obliged entities, but he is also an active lecturer in this area of law, whose opinions and views on issues related to restitution matters can also be found in the media.

Our law firm is currently providing legal services in the field of restitution law to dozens of beneficiaries pursuing their claims against the obliged entities, in particular the State Land Office of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic and other state authorities. The highly contested matters are, in particular, the correct valuation of restitution claims and their proper settlement, both in the form of replacement land and by providing monetary compensation in an amount reflecting the current case law conclusions of both the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic and the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic. In order to provide its clients with comprehensive legal services, the law firm cooperates with a number of erudite expert witnesses who have been dealing with the issue of valuation of restitution claims for a long time, as well as archival institutions, surveyors, engineers, architects and other entities whose services are necessary for getting an above-standard restitution compensation.  

In case you also have a pending restitution claim and are not satisfied with its amount or the overall approach of the state in settling it, we will be happy to advise you on how to deal with it. We are ready to represent you legally or advise on the sale of claims at market prices.


Purkyt & Co. provides comprehensive legal services related to the preparation and financing of development projects. Our legal advisory services include initial recommendations for optimal legal solutions for your projects, examination of project documents and arranging financing. We represent our clients in negotiations with public authorities, especially in the procedures related to the issuance of planning permissions and building permits or occupancy permits, as well as in negotiations with Cadastral Offices and Tax Offices. Moreover, we draw up all the contractual documentation, including business cooperation agreements, contracts for work, mandate contracts, reservation contracts, security agreements, agreements to make a sales contract and sales contracts, and we also advise our clients on the conclusion of loan agreements. We are ready to provide legal audit of the project and real estate appraisal. As part of the complexity of our legal services, our clients greatly appreciate our law firm’s extensive experience in representing them in out-of-court dispute resolutions and court disputes between developers and clients. Our legal advice in this field extends to real estate, housing and construction law. We handle requests for all types and kinds of contracts, represent clients before administrative authorities, provide expert opinions, notarial services, audits, tax and financial advice.


The issues related to commercial corporations, commercial contracts and obligations are dealt with on a daily basis by the members of our team. Our experience in this area is used by major companies and entrepreneurs.We arrange the foundation and incorporation of commercial corporations and provide other subsequent legal services related to the launch of a business plan. We are endowed with the necessary knowledge concerning the change procedures connected with corporations (for example, changes in the members of the corporation, registered office, corporate bodies, registered capital, etc.)

We regularly provide our clients with services consisting in the preparation of service contracts for the performance of duties in the statutory bodies of the company, employment contracts, planning and implementation of corporate transformations, legal audits and organization of general meetings. We are involved in the implementation of mergers and corporate restructurings. In this context, we also provide complete tax optimization.

Moreover, we solve the following cases in this field:

  • leasing, credit relations, share transfers, securing obligations (e.g. lien and surety),
  • investment development of technological units, mergers and other transformations of companies,
  • enterprise sales, adjustment of group relations,
  • preparation of all types and kinds of contracts regulated by the Business Corporations Act,
  • dealing with claims for damages and restitution for unjust enrichment,
  • legal audit of the activities of commercial and other corporations,
  • insolvency proceedings, winding up of commercial corporations, and
  • comprehensive management of the administration and recovery of claims.


We also offer legal services in the litigation agenda: we analyse the client’s position in the dispute and then propose optimal options for negotiations and procedural and bargaining strategy. We represent our clients in commercial, civil, labour and constitutional disputes, in proceedings before courts of all instances and in proceedings before the Supreme and Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic. This includes the complete preparation of all the necessary procedural filings. Apart from that, of course, we also represent clients in out-of-court settlements of disputes, including the drafting and negotiation of settlement agreements.


Purkyt & Co. also provides its clients with comprehensive legal services in the field of criminal law. These issues mainly concern:

  • the defence of clients in criminal proceedings – representation of clients from the pre-trial proceedings to the trial proceedings,
  • drafting both regular and extraordinary remedial measures in criminal proceedings (protest, appeal, extraordinary appeal, a motion for a new trial, complaint against the breach of law),
  • drafting complaints against resolutions ordering custody, motions for release from custody, motions to replace custody with a financial guarantee (bail), supervision or promise,
  • preparing and drafting criminal complaints and representing victims in criminal proceedings (claims for damages),
  • legal analyses in the field of criminal law,
  • representation of juveniles in criminal proceedings,
  • dealing with traffic accidents and alternative resolutions of criminal proceedings – conditional discontinuance of criminal prosecution, settlement.


Trust funds are a relatively new legal institute in the Czech legal system, which introduces a new form of ownership, namely the allocation of property to another legal entity. As part of our legal services, we provide our clients with:

  • initial analysis of the client’s needs within the framework of trust funds and within the framework of their purpose, in particular:
    • transfer of property by donation or mortis causa,
    • an alternative to a prenuptial agreement,
    • protection of assets in sensitive life situations,
    • anonymous ownership,
    • tax optimization, and
    • charitable purposes.
  • preparation and design of ideal solutions according to specific client requirements,
  • evaluating the positives and negatives to a given trust fund solution,
  • preparation of all documents relating to trust funds,
  • comprehensive arrangement of the process of setting up a trust fund,
  • cooperation with experts in other areas – especially accounting and tax,
  • continuous legal advice after the establishment of the trust fund.


We provide a wide range of corporate restructuring and insolvency services. In insolvency proceedings, we represent creditors, debtors and insolvency practitioners, provide legal advisory on the purchase and sale of claims in insolvency proceedings, we assist clients in the reorganisation and restructuring of companies. We can evaluate restructuring projects of companies and advise you on company acquisitions and we are also ready to provide you with legal assistance in out-of-court settlements.


We provide top legal advice in the field of labour law, whether you are an employer or an employee. We regularly participate in seminars and lectures in the field of labour law, focusing on numerous amendments to all major labour law regulations.


Purkyt & Co. provides comprehensive legal services related to the automotive industry in both the civilian and military sectors. Through an experienced team of attorneys and external tax advisors, we help to resolve a wide range of issues related to doing business abroad and in the Czech Republic. In this area, we focus on car and military vehicles manufacturers, as well as manufacturers of spare parts. Moreover, we provide all legal services for their subcontractors. The provision of legal and tax services in this sector is primarily related to:

  • concluding various business agreements and contracts with partners, suppliers or customers,
  • transport, export licenses,
  • dealing with intellectual property issues (licenses, patents, trademarks),
  • competition and its protection,
  • project restructuring and
  • investment advisory involving foreign entities, commercial negotiations and dispute resolution.


Our law firm has long focused on personal data protection, with a team of attorneys and junior attorneys who are highly knowledgable in this area. We deal with the protection of personal data within the framework of the EU-wide regulation GDPR (Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC).

Being experts in the legal aspects of the GDPR, we also work with other entities that are leading IT service providers in the area of data protection and data processing from a technical perspective. Within the framework of this cooperation we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive solution in compliance with the GDPR as well as the technical side of the solution in this area. In connection with the GDPR, we provide our clients with all legal services related to its subject-matter, including representing clients in their dealings with the Personal Data Protection Office, drafting GDPR-related directives or internal regulations and assessing their interpretation, drafting legal opinions, including an assessment of the impact of the GDPR on your company; and revising existing documents in accordance with applicable GDPR legislation.


In response to the increased demand for services related to intellectual property law, Purkyt & Co. has been successfully active in this relatively complicated area, as well. We are well aware that identifying intellectual property increases the value of a company. Significant clients appreciate our legal advice on the registration of intellectual property, enforcement of the rights resulting from the intellectual property, contracts and representation in disputes related to this issue. In particular, our legal services include: registration of trademarks and management of their portfolio, legal advice in the field of intellectual property, assistance in drafting licensing and sublicensing agreements, work contracts, copyright and marketing agreements, and preparation of documentation for intellectual property transfers. We have experts in IT law in our team. Companies often underestimate the protection of trade secrets and know-how. Our attorneys are experienced in implementing contractual documentation and guidelines to ensure maximum effectiveness in protecting a company’s intellectual property rights against third parties.