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Why should you use the services of our office? We provide all services in a way that saves you time and money. We are free to come to you and adapt to your programme. Terms like discretion, professionalism and expertise are not just empty words for us; they are the standards we operate under. Legal services can be provided by any lawyer, but Purkyt & Co. offers the premium and comprehensive legal services of a law office.

The Law and Mediation Office of Purkyt & Co. would like to inform their clients, in connection with the amendment to Act No. 634/1992 Sb., the Consumer Protection Act, that on the basis of an authorisation by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Czech Bar Association is a competent authority to settle out-of-court disputes between a solicitor and consumer resulting from contracts to provide legal services. For the purposes of the out-of-court settlement of disputes, the Bar Out-of-Court Settlement Rules will be applied accordingly (Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Czech Bar Association No. 2/1998 of the Journal, which regulates out-of-court settlements). The Out-of-Court Settlement Commission of the Czech Bar Association has been authorised to conduct out-of-court settlements of consumer disputes. The administrative support of this new agenda will be provided by the Association´s inspection department. The web site of this authorised entity is www.cak.cz

As standard, we enter into contracts to provide legal services with our clients. Upon agreement, the following methods of determining the remuneration for services provided by the law office can be selected according to the specific requirements of a client:
Hourly rate, Fixed fee, Lump sum, Result fee

A combination of any of the aforesaid methods can also be agreed to.

Remuneration based on the lawyer´s tariff
If the remuneration for legal services has not been agreed between a client and the law office, Regulation No. 177/1996 Sb., concerning lawyers´ fees and reimbursements for the provision of legal services (lawyer´s tariff), as amended, which regulates the so-called out-of-court remuneration, will be used for the determination of the remuneration.

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