Where have you heard of us?

JUDr. Martin Purkyt is a lawyer, mediator, member of the Czech Bar Association. Among other things, he is actively involved in publishing activities through a number of media. He films interviews in cooperation with Czech Television, for example in the programme Černé ovce, and ČT 24. He was responsible for the abolition of the so-called second Restitution Dot, which had a great impact in the field of restitution – JUDr. Martin Purkyt initiated a motion to abolish it, in which he was supported by a number of senators.

Where can you read about us?

Articles published by us.

Beneficiaries will continue to be provided with replacement land.

The Constitutional Court has abolished the so-called Second Restitution Dot, so the state will continue to provide beneficiaries with replacement land after 1 July.

The period for land restitution has been extended

The Association for the Protection of the Interests of Restitution Beneficiaries welcomes the decision of the Constitutional Court to change the period for the validity (abolishing) of the restitution dot.

Unresolved restitution of agricultural land

Czech Television – Černé ovce

JUDr. Martin Purkyt has also been actively cooperating with the Czech Television for a long time, providing legal consultations and commentaries in the production of reports for the investigative journalistic programme Černé ovce, which focuses on various topical issues, especially concerning consumers and the general public.

Within the framework of this cooperation, JUDr. Martin Purkyt has dealt with the topics of the legislative framework for the sale of regional food, street food sales, the use of disposable plastic packaging for food and beverages, and the lack of legal regulation of publicly accessible social facilities and the related impact on public health. On the issue of public health and safety, he also provided legal opinions in relation to covid-19 measures in indoor spaces for children's leisure activities (playrooms) or in relation to playgrounds and legislative requirements for their technical design.


We have an extensive experience in providing legal services in the field of civil law, including litigation before the courts.

Clients seek our help in connection with the following cases, among others:

  • real estate transfers of all types, including representation before Cadastral Offices,
  • relations arising from and related to development plans and programmes, including relations connected with their implementation, such as transfers of new residential units into the ownership of their users,
  • contractual relations arising from and related to the lease and sublease of real estate,  
  • contractual relations connected with the exchange of real estate (in particular land),
  • contractual relations arising from and related to the activities of real estate agencies,
  • securing obligations (e.g. through lien and surety, contractual establishment of easements and their registration into the Cadastre of Real Estate),
  • relations arising from the Land Act, restitution claims and relations connected with expropriation proceedings,
  • preparation of all types and kinds of contracts regulated by the Civil Code,
  • damages and the restitution for unjust enrichment, and property law relations of all kinds.